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This Item is not Made with Tarnish Resistant Material in order to make more affordable looks for our customers. We do strongly suggest that you should follow instructions for Care to lengthen the use of the jewelry.


 Wood, Paint, Art Resin

Colors: White, Pink, Light Purple, Clay Brown


1. After showering, using lotion, or any other body product, wait until your product is completely dry before slipping on your gold-plated accessories. Some products can have a negative reaction with gold-plating and can cause changes in color or texture.

2. Always apply perfume before putting on your jewelry. Perfume chemicals can react with the metal and cause a change in the appearance, so you don’t want to spray it directly on your pieces!

3. Don't sleep, shower or do the dishes in your gold-plated jewelry.

4. When traveling or not wearing your accessories, make sure to store them in a jewelry case or wrapped up in a soft cloth to prevent scratching.


5. Although clay jewelry is durable please be aware that with force it can be broken